you’re not boring.
your wedding photos shouldn’t be boring, either. 

Here’s an actual email I received from a dear client of mine, Emma, after delivering her wedding gallery:

“I don't even know where to begin. You captured every detail, every emotion, and every person so beautifully. You are literally a MASTER of capturing the moment and we are so SO blessed to have had you as one of the biggest parts of our day. ((How freakin cool is it that YOUR pictures are capturing some of the most important moments of peoples' lives that will be shown for generations??!??!?!))

I'm still processing all the pictures we looked through, but I am just in awe at how well you captured it all. I'm especially thankful for the pictures of moments I didn't truly embrace in the moment (does that even make sense?). I tried to be extra mindful on the big day of taking it all in, but like they all say, it FLIES BY. We got giddy all over again just looking back at the best day ever.

Ash, you were a dream to work with and I'm honored to call you my (NYC) friend!!!!!! <3<3<3
Hope you're ready to have your @ spammed with tags!!!! IG AINT READY!!!!!!”

... this. this is what I want from EVERY single couple I bring on to work with. And nothing less.

But, in order to make sure that you end up THIS happy with your photo experience, we have to make sure we’re a good fit!

This whole thing is more than just a gallery at the end. It’s a journey. We’re going to be spending some really important moments together, and I want to be a friend to you during this process. I promise to be totally open and myself, and I love when my couples can give me the same. I am not the person you need to fake like you have your shit together around. I want real, raw, messy, and weird. Being vulnerable with eachother will make the photo journey SO much more fun and authentic to you, and that’s what matters. 

This bond is going to foster so much trust between us. And when I have trust from my couples, I do my best work. I see photographers that walk into their shoots so stiff, and just flip from pose to pose to pose. Which never feels natural. My shoots will mostly just be the two of you, hangin’ out. We’ll definitely throw in some cool poses here and there, but I promise it won’t be anything fake or cheesy. Not here for that nonsense.

I’m known for my editorial eye, something that sets me apart from other wedding photographers out there. Fashion and design is something I am so passionate about! If you’re familiar with that world - amazing. If not, do notttt let it intimidate you! We’re not about to have some stuffy, over-produced shoot. Everything will be super natural, approachable, but will make you look like the baddest b* around. Trust. 

And lastly, over the years, I’ve been to hundreds of weddings. More than likely, this is your first. Use me as a rescource! I’m an open book - I’ll tell you what’s cheesy, what I wish every couple did, what my couples regret doing. Whatever you want to know, I’m here!    

I know there are a million things you have to make decisions on while planning a wedding. But if you’re booking with me, I want photography to at least be top 2, if not #1. There is nothing I value more than working with couples who understand that photography is an invesment that will only become more valuable as time passes. Because when the day is over, all you’re have left are the memories and the photographs. If you’re shopping around for a “good deal”, I probably won’t be the best fit. See FAQ for my starting prices! 
I typically limit myself to one wedding per month, but will sometimes push it to 2. This allows me to not only stay sane (lol) but to also provide a much better experience for my couples. I have very quick turnaround times for the industry, and want to be able to keep it that way!