Q: Do you shoot film? 
A: Yes- I shoot hybrid! Which means your day will be photographed with a beautiful mix of both film + digital. 

Q: What does each wedding package include? 
A: This varies! Please get in touch, and I’ll send along a client guide that goes through alllll of the details.

Q: What are your prices?
A: Local wedding coverage (NY area) starts at $7250. Destination weddings start at $9000. Portrait sessions start at $850.  

Q: How far ahead of time do we need to book? 
A: I typically book weddings around 1 year in advance; however, I’ve also booked 2+ years in advance, and a few only a few months in advance. That being said, the only way to guarantee anything is to get in touch ASAP! For other portrait sessions: at *least* 3-4 weeks before you need the photos. 

Q: How many photos will we be getting from a digitally shot wedding? 
A: Short answer? SO many, like anywhere between 700-1200. Long answer? The exact number varies based on the exact shoot/package, but I don’t believe in withholding any usable images from you. I promise to capture the event fully + deliver more than enough images to help you remember this special day!

Q: Can we have the RAW files? 
A: I do not give out RAW files. Editing is half (if not more) of the magic! I promise you’ll be getting everything you’d want/need, and more. If you feel I missed something, definitely feel free to ask me to check back. While I do my best to be super thorough, I’m definitely still human and could make a mistake!

Q: What is your turnaround time? What if I want the photos sooner? 
A: Depending on factors like my travel schedule, holidays, or just how busy I am in general, you’re looking at about 2-3 weeks for couples/bridal/boudoir shoots and 4-8 weeks for weddings. I’ll work hard to get images back to you ASAP while still giving each photo the love & care it deserves.

On getting images before these dates: every single image goes through a first edit, where I work on light, color, tones, contrast, color, etc. - everything to give it my general style. Next, I do a second edit where I work on taking out blemishes, other objects we want to hide, etc. and lastly, a final tweak. The sneak peeks I send you or any previews I post on Instagram are 99% likely to get another new edit before the final gallery is delivered to you! It may seem like no big deal for me to send you one photo, but breaking them up can mess with consistency and add a lot more editing time than one might think. The best thing to do is get on my schedule 3 weeks before you need any images from portraits and 8 weeks before you’d need your wedding pics back!

Q: I know your rate is $____, but would you take $__? 
A: Like most jobs in other industries, my rates are non-negotiable. They are based on both skill & demand. I am able to make some changes to help things fit with your budget (eg. not bringing on a second shooter); however, I do not offer any kind of discounts. 

Q: How does the payment schedule work?
A: I require a 30% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. The remaining 70% is due 2 months before your wedding, or 1 month before any other shoot.

Q: How many weddings do you take per year?
A: I’m currently limiting myself to 1, sometimes 2 wedding per month. This allows me to give my clients the best possible experience. So, let’s get you on the books soon! x

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: My primary work is in fashion (editorial, brand, etc). I’ve worked with some incredible brands and talent and been published internationally in and on the cover of Fashion Canada, Glamour UK, Vanity Fair, and more. I shot my first wedding in 2018 and have continued to do them ever since!

Because of my background, my wedding style is a perfect mix of editorial and photojournalistic shots. I’ll be capturing those iconic, magazine-worthy posed photos and all of the little sentimental moments in between. I want you to remember how it felt.

And don’t let that “posing” comment scare you - I’m known for giving tonnssss of direction during shoots. I’ll talk you through it, make sure you’re feeling like yourself, and make it fun! At the end of the day, I’m here to serve you and make you feel comfortable during this entire process. I’ll be your hype-woman, confidant, or a total fly on the wall - whatever you need, I’m there for you! 

Q: Do we get printing rights?
A: Yes... BUT... printing photos is a more serious matter than you might think. I *highly* recommend ordering prints through me. If you try to print these at a drug store or online shop, odds are the colors are going to get all wonky and you’re going to look a strange shade of orange or grey.... not a good look. You’ll receive a link to your gallery with a built-in shop after each shoot!

These high quality prints will last a lot longer and look a lot nicer, trust me here!

Q: How do your travel fees work?
A: I charge a flat rate for travel to certain areas.  This factors in flights, 2-4 night stay depending on location (2 usually stateside, and a minimum of 3 out of the country), ground transportation, and acknowledges the number of hours I’ll be spending in the airport, on the plane, etc. 

I book my own travel, but if you’d like to use your points to book for me, we can discuss that as well! 

Q: What if we need to cancel/reschedule?
A: For weddings, if you’ve already put down a deposit, then it’s legally non-refundable and a new one will have to be made for your new date. For other shoots, I allow a little more flexibility! Just try to let me know 72 hours in advance.