Hey, I’m Ash. A fashion + wedding photograher currently based in BK, NY. 

I grew up on a small town in TX, half an hour from the closest grocery store. And being an only-child on top of that, I naturally relied on my imagination quite a bit to keep me busy. I remember “producing my first photoshoot” (lol) around the age of 7, with our working border collie Abby as my star subject. This dog was out herding cattle in the fields, then being forced to sit in magician and hula-girl costumes while I got the perfect shot on my Polaroid i-Zone... the patience this dog had. She was an angel. By elementary school, I started subjected my school friends to photoshoots in the ugliest dresses you’ve ever seen (thought they were SO cute at the time). And by my first year of college, I started working with brands and booking my first weddings. 

My work has been published in Vanity Fair, Glamour UK, FASHION Canada, Magnolia Journal, D Magazine, and more. I’ve had features on Green Wedding Shoes and also won a Junebug Weddings Choice Award in the Fashion category. 

Now, I’m living in New York City, shooting with people + brands I never dreamed would know my name, and photographing love stories all over the world. 

PS - I’m still absolutely photographing dogs - my rescue pup Marlow is my favorite subject. Gotta remember your roots, friends. 


- Fostering puppies

- A24 movies

- Asking my friends if I should cut my bangs (I always do)

- Snocones

- Dirty martinis

- The ocean and the desert, tied

- A physical planner

- My rescue dood, Marlow

bb ash with a tiara cowboy hat